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About Us

To promoting talents exchange and economic cooperation between Taiwan and India, (1) National Tsinghua University, (2) National Chung Hsing University, (3) Tunghai University, (4) National Yunlin University of Science and Technology and 5) Providence University, the five-school alliance established the “India Regional Economic, Trade, and Industry-Academic Cooperation in India”, the Center for India Studies at National Tsing Hua University serves as the administrative window.

According to the development history and characteristics of each university, our ongoing projects include,

* National Tsing Hua University organize seminars, workshops, newsletter and project websites,
* National Chung Hsing University leading the Tea R&D Project
* Providence University leading the project of computer language design program teaching in Indian high school
* Tunghai University promotes corporate internship with companies
* National Yunlin University of Science and Technology promotes product marketing and internship programs for manufacturers of breeding centers

Center for India Studies(CIS) at the National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan is undertaking Indian-focused research on politics, economics, business activities, culture, philosophy, literature, language, etc. As the first school-based India study center in Taiwan, our mission is to enrich Indian insights, to boost mutual activities between Taiwan and India, to foster educational interactions, and to enhance business cooperation, and eventually to make impacts on economics and society.

CIS surveys, acquires, develops, and distributes knowledge 
by scholarly publication, academic interactions, and research projects. Furthermore, team members of CIS, composed of scholars, diplomatists, and entrepreneurs, has been dedicating to offer an integrated solution-based platform that enables two nations to facilitate academic cooperation with industries as a human resource investment. Through these projects, CIS is devoted to maintain an efficient information chain as well as establishing a strong, strategic, long-term and collaborative relationship with India.

We also welcome part-time and visiting researchers who are professional and interested in India to join our team. Let's work together and continually devote to promote Indian research at a global level.