Prerana Bhan • News Nation Interview

  • 2017-10-31
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Prerana Bhan
PhD student 
Department of Life Science 
Every now and then, we need to be reminded that there is more to a field than just its first impression. Our discussion with the Senior Correspondent of “News Nation” was one such reminder. When we first greeted Mr. Mohit in the conference hall, he promptly exchanged a smile. We were preoccupied by the false notions of how a news reporter would try to hype certain things, while on the other hand keep the most important issues under wraps. But, we were quite surprised as the discussion progressed and the kind of thoughts unfolded serving as an eye opener. 
A brief introduction was given by Prof. Fang that entails how India and Taiwan have been related from time immemorial. NTHU has also signed MoUs with top universities in India to strengthen the ties. As student, I believe this was one of the finest opportunities to closely engage with the media persons and know their perspectives. We had interesting discussions touching some of the sensitive topics like bilateral relationship between India and Taiwan and how it has been affected by China. We also exchanged our thoughts of how things could be improved in both the countries for a better living. As students we knew it was one of those opportunities where we could put forth our thoughts about education, travel and living in Taiwan. After an impressive and articulate discussion, we were interviewed. Some of the questions include 
1. As Indians, do we face racism based on religion and color?
2. How are the people of Taiwan? Is language a big barrier?
3. Does the status between Taiwan and China affect the lives of Indians living in Taiwan?
4. Do they encourage celebration of Indian Festivals in Taiwan?
In fact, this discussion followed by the interview was quite insightful and very informative. It was refreshing to not only share our views relating to Taiwan but also raise some important questions as how the media should be regulated to ensure a country’s image is preserved. The documentary has already been aired in India and has received mixed reviews. Well, I think at least it has acquainted people about the existence of this beautiful island named Taiwan.

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