2018.10.24 News【The Telegraph】Experts from state showcase teas, interact with foreign varsity faculty & students

  • 2018-10-24
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Taiwan tastebuds take to strong Assam flavours
Roopak Goswami
Guwahati: The flavor of Assam tea took Taiwan, known as across the world for its oolong tea, by surprise.
Oolong is partially oxidized and roasted and is a variety between green and black teas.
On Tuesday, tea experts of the state showcased tea and interacted with faculty members and students of the National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan to help tea become a leverage point between Act East policy of India and New Southbound policy of Taiwan. Two tea experts from Assam-chief advisory officer, Tocklai Tea Research Institute, Pradip Baruah and Raj Barooah of Aideobarie tea garden in Jorhat were invited by the university to showcase and offer an insight into the world of Assam tea.
The university is a research-led comprehensive university in South District, Taichung, Taiwan. The university is one of the ldest in Taiwan with 16,000 students.
The New Southbound Policy is the initiative of the Taiwan government under President Tsai Ing-wen to enhance cooperation and exchange between Taiwan and 18 countries Southeast Asia, South Asia and Australasia.
Barooah said Chien-the Chen of National Chung Hsing University was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful flavor profile of Assam wholeleaf teas and said it had great potential to improve as speciality tea.
Barooah, who has launched Rujani brand, displayed 15 varieties of teas. He recently went to Australia where his teas were admired.
While Assam is known for its black tea, Taiwan is known for its oolong tea.
Tea Chen is coming to Assam shortly. The entire programme is under the umbrealla of India-Taiwan Cooperation Programme and involves people-to-people and industry-to-industry contacts.
“The idea is to leverage tea to foster more cooperation between the two countries. There have been visits by people from Taiwan to Tocklai and this is another visit to enhance cooperation. We can learn a lot from Taiwan in marketing,” Mirza Rahman of IIT Guwahati, who specializes in international affairs, said.
Baruah, a tea researcher and chief advisor officer of the Tocklai institute, gave a background of Assam tea and types of tea produces. The teas were displayed on a gamocha to help students and faculty members of the Taiwanese university to connect with the culture of Assam.
“Taiwan showed interest in CTC tea and they appreciated strong Assam liquor”, Baruah said, adding they also liked the green and whites teas.
Teachers and faculty members tasted the different teas which were showcased from Assam and were satisfied.