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  • 2018-05-31
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Shilpa Karishetty, NTHU

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Taiwan, a beautiful island in Asia has made my journey the most amazing one since the day one, filled with adventures, amusement and enthusiasm and so is its top graduate school National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu that not only is the best in outputting the great quality students to the Industry but also provides its students with the varied technical expertise by collaborating with the best companies of the biggest Hsinchu Science Park and around the world. 

I am a master student with the Institute of communication engineering, NTHU and a research student under Prof.Jen Ming Wu working on the 5G concept implementation. National Tsing Hua University has always been supportive and a great platform for providing opportunities to its students and so was it for me who got an opportunity to work with the best minds of MediaTek, Hsinchu.

It indeed provided me a varied technical expertise by being part of the student work program at MediaTek that enriched my hands on the best technology in the market under the guidance of Mr. Grant Kuo, Mr. Edmond Chang & Mr. Steve Huang. I was responsible for the team RF at the Smart Phone Design Program (organized by MediaTek in association with the government of India) to deal with technical design issues
related tosmart phones.

This program opened doors for my technology hunger mind to get into the work culture of Taiwan and gain the real industry experience by providing a platform for implementing the technical knowledge gained at the graduate school into the technology outcome in the market. National Tsing
HuaUniversity, and its associated staff members leaves no stone unturned in providing its students with the best knowledge delivery and introducing them to the technology filled industry like MediaTek with a healthy competency.

It is my great opportunity to represent National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan and be part of MediaTek during the work program gaining the best competency knowledge required to achieve greater heights in the coming future.